Paul Shin

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Below are some of the projects I personally worked on in the past. Due to NDA, I couldn’t mention some others. You can additionally check my resume.


Apr 2012 - Present
  • Developed Android Application and iPhone Application that provide access to media clips and pictures based on rating, view count and quality via YouTube API and Flickr API
  • Built a back-end application to provide API for commenting and retrieving clip lists
  • Implemented real-time chatting and image-matching game
  • Technologies used: Java(Android), Objective-C(iOS), PHP, MySQL
  • Published on App Store and Google Play

On-Site Inventory Inspection Assistant

Jun 2012 - Dec 2012
  • Android application that assists inventory inspections at various facilities and institutions. It allows facility personnels to update space and inventory status to inventory database upon on-site inspection.
  • Integrated Bluetooth scanner and printer to the application to enhance inspection efficiency
  • Customized the application, database, and Tomcat server for multiple institutions upon request
  • Technologies used: Apache Tomcat, JSP, Java(Android), Oracle, MSSQL

Mobile Transit Tracker

Jul 2009 - Apr 2010
  • Designed and implemented an innovative way to show arrival times of transit vehicles, that works on all Android platforms (1.5 up)
    • Development details include:
    • Designed an effective user interface and processed XML data feed provided by transit agencies
    • Made full use of Google Maps API to show bus stops and real-time positions of vehicles on the map
    • Employed multithreading to reduce delay and keep the application responsive to the users
    • 5 launched market applications serving various cities in the US and Canada
    • Technologies used: Java(Android), XML
    • Published on Google Play

Alfa Trading Analytics

Sep 2008 - Apr 2010
  • Implemented a framework with detachable plug-and-play modules featuring charting, portfolio management, cash flow analysis, financial calculator, built-in and custom indicator analysis
  • Focused on architecture to allow custom indicators to be created and loaded on the fly by the application
  • Technologies used: C#(WPF, LINQ)